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Overcome Depression with Meditation; Is it possible?

He had it all – the perfectly sculpted physique, a successful career, bank balance. He married the girl of his dreams in a fairy-tale wedding. And when they started a family… Oh, what a perfect father he was! His social media posts were giving career goals, fitness goals, and couple goals to the thousands of […]

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Why do I wake up between 3 am to 4 am? Brahma Muhurta by Sadhguru

People, who have been into some kind of a spiritual process, go through a very slow and gradual process of enlightenment. Their development gets manifested in several ways through their bodies, minds, and temperaments. One such very distinct manifestation is when a person starts waking up between 3:30 AM to 4 AM. It is a […]

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Meditation 101 – A Beginner Guide for Meditation

Meditation has innumerable boons that can completely change our lives much beyond our expectations. As it has been presented by the yogis for centuries, it comes across as some kind of ambrosia that the human soul yearns for. It is an ecstatic and overwhelming sensation of mind that can only be explained by people who […]