Eat these powerful foods to enhance your yoga practice. These raw and sattvic food will help your body to energise and get strength fast for your any yoga session. Best yoga foods to eat.

7 Healthy Foods to Support Your Everyday Yoga Practice

Yoga is one of the most popular profession of today’s world.

People believes that moving their body in posture is Yoga. But let me tell you, this is half of job done.

Yes! You need to explore more about how to get harmony from foods, environment, posture, and everything around you.

To grab that, you need to pay special attention to what you eat whole day long as food makes other half of job done in yoga.

In Yogic and Ayurvedic science, there are 3 qualities (gunas) of foods you eat –

  • Raja (Hot, spicy, fast)
  • Tama (Slow, Lethargic, Bland)
  • And, Sattva (Purity, harmony)

All three qualities have different effects on your body and mind, but yogis suggest every practitioner to be on Sattvic diet.

As this is the purest form of diet and of-course the fastest one to boost more peaceful state in body. It calms your mind fast and help you to reach your maximum potential.

This Yoga diet will cleanse your body and mind deeply.

What is Perfect Diet For A Daily Practitioner?

Through a Sattvic diet, a Yogi can achieves the highest form of his health, mind, and body nourishment. So, keeping that in mind, today we will discuss the top yoga foods that you must eat.

These eatables are a must-have for every new yoga student or practitioner. You can also prefer to be more on vegetarian diet.

Another most important thing to consider is to intake only freshly cooked or plucked food as these fresh foods are easy to digest and higher in energy.

Also, Avoid junk or frozen foods while practicing yoga.

Healthy Foods For New Yogis or Practitioner

Eat like a yogi to deepen your yoga practice. Try these 10 best power boosting ayurvedic foods to boost your strength and energy. Drak gree leafy, avocados, Quiona, and nuts are few Best yoga foods to eat for daily practitioner.
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1. Porridge

Study suggest that due to high fiber content, porridge lower down the cholesterol level.

Adding certain ingredients like cinnamon and cardamom, can enhance your physical and emotional healing fast. Apart form this, it also creates lesser pressure on your digestive system.

2. Nut Butter

Nut butter are a great start for a healthy dose of energy, taste, and satisfaction of hunger. These are available in numbers of varieties like almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, etc.

You can also combine them with healthy fruits like apple and bananas as a favorite dip.

3. Fresh Fruits

Fruits are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are needed daily for your body to evolve, grow, and survive the ageing process.

Fruits have natural sugar and ample antioxidants to render your skin with an unseen glow.

You do not need to depend on adulterated products before and after you start practicing your favorite asanas of the day.

Before and after half an hour of Yoga, you can try eating energy booster fruits like bananas, pomegranate, berries and more.

So, always purchase fruits in small quantity instead of buying them in bulk and eating days later.

4. Lentils

Lentils are full of anti-ageing processes and bits.

Due to high fiber, iron, and protein count, these are most beneficial for new yogis or I must say every yogis to get maximum benefits.

Having this for lunch or in any heavy meal keeps your body upright and floating with required nutrients. It has so many varieties that you can eat different recipes of different lentils for days without even repeating.

It helps to keep your energy on the surface during yoga practice.

5. Quinoa

For higher concentration and better focus you must eat this grain before or after yoga.

Yes! Quinoa is way to get there.

Being a new yoga students or practitioners, you must eat quinoa in your breakfast or as mid-day snack.

It has all nine necessary amino acids, vitamin B2, magnesium, and iron quantities suitable for every growing body. All these nutrients together fix your body against fatigue, lethargy, sugar, or simply destructive nature.

You can mix with healthy fruits like strawberries, bananas, apples, guava, and nuts – cashews, resin, walnut, etc.

For a better taste, you can add maple syrup or honey, which is again a healthy choice instead of added sugar.

6. Berries

Although all berries are delicious and nutritious in nature but few of them such as strawberries,  raspberries, and blueberries are the super powerful frequently used in breakfast, salad, and snacks.

Berries are full of antioxidants that help to boost oxygen rapidly across your every cells. Therefore slow down your aging process with superb health.

Even for anti-aging, yoga and berries are excellent way to take.

You can eat berries for breakfast, either raw or smoothies before starting Yoga sessions daily. It will give you all the needed energy and leave a yummy taste on your tongue as well.

You can also make a healthy smoothie with berries, honey, and nuts together. Having berries smoothies as a beverage in evening, after worked out is excellent way to revitalize your energy.

7. Water & Lemon

This is one of the famous combinations ever heard and recommended for dedicated Yogis. You should replace your tea/coffee or the caffeine intake with this organic drink.

This is nothing but the water and honey which works like a magic potion to purify your blood cells and remove the toxic waste from your body.

It also helps you to lose unnecessary body fat when drink early morning with an empty stomach. But the water should be slightly warm with nothing but honey added.

This mixture also helps to build your immunity and fight the chances of any virus attacking your body, especially because of weather change or pollution.

Moreover, honey and water combination treat sore muscles and joints easily. This is quite helpful when you are planning to try Power Yoga or complex asanas once or twice a week.

Foods to Eat Before Yoga Class

Try these strength boosting foods before yoga workouts. These yogic foods are best to eat for a practictionar on daily basis. Nuts such as cashew, walnuts, almonds are best foods in include in your ypgic diet.
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  • Nuts

Nuts are super strength boosting foods that you must eat before practicing Yoga Asanas. You can also add some cashew, walnut, kernels, raisins, to your breakfast and smoothies to consume them daily.

  • Protein Bars

Eat protein bars almost 20-30 minutes before the session starts for boosting your energy. This will pump you up to balance postures out of your comfort zone.

  • Yogurt

A little quantity of Greek-Yoghurt helps to sustain the energy in your body. It keeps your stomach cool, calm, and less burdened.

  • Avocado

This fruit is richer in magnesium and potassium, which helps to burn the bad cholesterol that has been building up inside your body. Having it before a Yoga class helps to cleanse your stomach a bit.

Even so more, your stomach feels fuller with this fruit, so you wont feel hungry to munch anything during or after Yoga.

Foods to Eat After Yoga Class

Be on yogic diet on daily basis to grab lots of yoga benefits. Try these foods you must eat after yoga session. Green leafy salad, and some detox are best way to enerygise your body again. Best yoga foods to eat.
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  • Green Salad

Green salad are full of carbs, fiber, proteins, and other nutrients that your body need immediately around 30 to 50 minutes after Yoga.

  • Post-Workout Carbs

This will include the famous products like quinoa, sweet potatoes, whole grains and cereals like cornflakes. These are super healthy and considered by many dietary experts.

  • Water

Do not avoid drinking water at any cost. It keeps your body hydrated and rejuvenates the needed energy.

If you had a difficult Yoga session, drink plenty of water to calm down your breathing or any unnecessary sweating.

Fast For A Day Once In A Week

Instead of cheat days, power Yoga recommends having a day when you will eat only fruits, juices and water. This will help your body to utilize and finish off the undigested food.

Moreover, it gives your liver and intestines a day’s rest. Whereas, diet recommendations on a fasting day include fruit and juices because these digest quicker than grains, lentils, and breads (staples).

Doing this helps you become a more disciplined Yogi as well.

How Eating Before And After Yoga Should Be Taken Care Of

Well, guys, you should take care of your food habits before and after Yoga exercises, especially if you are doing a power Yoga on a specific day.

It is recommended not to eat heavy diet around two hours before and after exercises. This is to preserve the energy in the body before classes which should be used to practicing Yoga with finesse.

Trying out Yoga is fun but is a strict discipline for those who are serious about it. A proper diet is maintained for your body to heal fast in yoga.

When you follow a healthy diet, the body itself feels younger and lighter, despite the age.

Are you on yogic diet? Whats that?

Share your Yoga diet experience to guide our other readers.

You opinion matters alots to us.